Friday, February 1, 2013

I have joined the Gym. Again

4 years ago I was a member of a local gym and swam 3 times a week for an hour and twice a week would walk or circuit train for 30 minutes and then do water aerobics for 30 minutes. Well then I got laid off and we had to cancel our gym membership.

In 5 months I had a new job for less money and we were getting back on track but still could not afford $140 a month for 2 people. So now 4 years, two foot surgeries, a torn Achilles tendon, two sprained MCL's and 2 broken wrists, and 30 pounds more. We can afford to rejoin the gym.

1st of all they dropped their price to $39 a month for one person. Since Hot Carl didn't want to join, I just joined by myself.

So today was my first day in the pool in 4 years. I did 200 meters in 12 minutes and was exhausted. I was pretty proud of myself. It will take a while to get back to the level I was at 4 years ago.

I am swimming and the guy in the lane next to me stopped for a breather and I introduce myself and ask how long the pool is so I can track my swimming. He said 25 meters and we talked for awhile. He used to be a runner and injured his knee and shoulder and is now a swimmer. He was really nice. Told me they use a ton of chlorine and to buy some eye goggles to help not dry my eyes out.

We both started swimming again and I did my 8 laps and hopped out to take a shower, change and go back to the office. Oh I was on my lunch break.

I take my shower and it is boiling hot water. I am still red from the shower. Took me awhile to figure out how to turn it cooler.

I get out of the shower wrapped like a mummy in a towel and there is a naked woman just walking out of the steam showers. She is a big girl too. I can say that because I too am of the large variety. I am a "Venti" in Coffee language. She smiles at me says hi and says the steam showers are awesome. I say, "Oh, Hi and Thanks for the advice." While trying to figure out where to look and not offend her.

I go to my locker in the very back, dark corner and start to change. I still have my towel on and I am putting my suit and swim shoes in a plastic bag so they don't get everything wet. I then start to get dressed under the towel, when a petite trainer starts to get in a locker next to me. She starts talking away and at this point I am like screw it. I drop the towel and let my big white ass shine. I get dressed talking with her about her training groups.

She is one of the only trainers that does groups and it is a 1/4 of the price. I love that idea and when I get my medical release I think I might join her for a few sessions. I give her my email address and she emails me the info from her phone while I am still getting dressed.

She is just standing there while I am 1/2 dressed at this point chirping away about my knee brace and the scar on my foot. She was really nice and I liked her. It was just odd talking to someone while you have little to nothing on.

At least this isn't a skinny person gym. Oh there were skinny Minnie's in there but there were us "Venti" girls too. Made me feel better. Everyone was super nice and helped me find what I needed. I will keep you updated on the gym progress and I promise no pictures.


  1. I hope you've invested in shower shoes to wear around the locker room. My sis-in-law, who works at the Y, was telling me about an old guy in the sauna that was pulling his taffy like it was a warm summers day. Shower SHOES!!!

  2. Yes. I have shower shoes. And YUCK!!!!!!!!!