Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Yelping Good Time!

This past Thursday the Hussies attend Yelp's Electric Park event. It featured local foods and drinks (!) by local restaurants, local musicians, local aerialists (who knew?) and local photographers. These shots were taken by the super talented M/E Photography. We also enjoyed treats from several local bakeries including Hussy Favorite, CoffeCake. Yeah... we've been guilty of stalking that little cupcake and beverage truck more times than I'm comfortable admitting.

There was some confusion when this event first materialized. The dress code was described as cocktail, carnival dress. Um... yeah. We cleaned up as best we could, and we clean up pretty good if I do say so myself, and blended in just fine. First prize for Best Use of Throw-Back 80's Wear goes to Tofurkey's date. The Tenant was sporting a lovely pink and baby blue striped blazer. He was kind enough to be her escort when Hot Carl got slammed at work.

I started the evening with two glasses of wine at home while getting ready (hey, no judging, I wasn't driving!) and then two more when we got there, you know just to numb the pain caused by my favorite pair of 4 inch heels. Oh then there were samples, a hard cider? Don't mind if I do. Followed by a fantastic meatball courtesy of the fine fellows who run the Magical Meatball Tour. Oh and then a shot of some locally produced citrus vodka, sounds great, thanks! And then 2 martinis... In my defence one of them was Tofurkey's (I think, things are beginning to get a little fuzzy in the details department). Entertainment enjoyed, drinks downed and all treats thoroughly sampled, Ginger and I, escorted by Burn Notice and Trophy Husband, headed over to Knuckleheads and watched the 51% Blues Band until about 11. Great live show plus super cheap drinks? Hell to the yeah. That singer's got some pipes on her!

And just where is Knuckleheads? Well head to the West Bottoms and take a left at the underpants hanging in the window. You can't miss it!


  1. Love it!

    And yes, the businesses would all appreciate this on the Yelp review, too. The more places to see their names and positive reviews, the better, I say!

  2. You can stalk our truck all you want, we won't tell! :)

    Fun writeup and a great looking blog. Glad I found you.

    E.F. Hobbs Specialty Coffee