Monday, February 21, 2011

You wouldn't like me when I'm angry

2 months ago I had foot surgery. Nothing major just out patient surgery but the recovery is about 2 months long, not to mention my foot will be sore for another 4-6 months according to the doctor.

But anyway. I went to the doctor 4 weeks ago to have a check up on the foot. I arrived really early, like 45 mins early. That was ok, I had a book to read so I was good.

While reading the office manager aka Stupid and Rude, SR for short took a phone call and gave directions to a patient that was lost.

The patient that was lost in the parking lot of all places shows up 20 mins late to her appointment and instead of putting her in the next slot behind me SR puts her ahead of me.

Oh snap, What??? Oh no!!! There is a big sign that says if you are late or miss an appointment you will be moved to the next available appointment and possibly be charged to do so.

I get up and point at the sign and ask SR why does the lady that shows up late get to go ahead of me when I have been waiting patiently for my appointment even though the doctor is running late.

She replies that the woman was not late just a little lost. What? I heard the whole conversation and I am not stupid. I explain this to SR and she blows me off. The nice nurse is standing behind SR, says I am right and that late person should wait. SR reprimands the nice nurse for speaking out of turn and tells me to sit down.

I am seething at this point. I decide I will hit her where it hurts. You do not piss me off. I wait and let the late person so ahead of me. I get to the exam room and talk with the nurse and thank her for trying to help. Then the doctor comes in. I let both barrels go on him. I am beet red and trying to control my anger. I explain what happened speaking so fast I am surprised he understood anything I said. He excuses himself and I hear him reprimanding SR outside my door. He comes back in and apologizes to me.

We do the exam and I leave. I don't think much about it, until today when I go back for the final foot exam to get released to do what I want to do with no restrictions and nice nurse smiles at me when I walk in. I say hi and she replies, "Hi trouble, good to see you again."

Me: "What did I get you in trouble?"

Nice Nurse: "Oh no, not me, but SR has been written up and moved to billing only. Apparently you were the last straw, and that camels back done snapped."

Me: "Good, she was rude and mean."

Nice Nurse: "Yep and this is the New Office Manger," and introduces me. Then I see SR walk by and give me the dirtiest look I have ever seen.

Nice Nurse: "About time someone said something about her, apparently you weren't the only complaint but you were the most vocal. She has been demoted."

Me: "Oh so I am not in trouble?"

Nice Nurse: "No you just cause it." smiles really big at me. "Come on lets get you in a room."

We walk back to the room and she goes on to tell me that she had been doing lots of stuff wrong and a few people complained, but when I went all crazy eyed on the doctor, he had finally had enough and demoted her.

I explained normally I don't get all crazy mad at people that I am actually pretty easy going. She said she knew that, I had been in there several times and was always nice. I told her thank you, then said but if you make me mad then all hell will break lose.

I asked the doctor if everything was ok? He said yes he had been wanting to do something about her for awhile and I was a good reason to finally do something.

Dr then looked at my foot, said all was great and I could do whatever I wanted to again. He said don't worry about SR that all was good and she will adjust her attitude or would be fired next time.

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