Monday, February 14, 2011

Grilled Cheese Curiosities

It seems, at least here in Kansas City, we are in the middle of a couple of serious food trends. On one hand we have the Gourmet Burger and the other, the Fancy Grilled Cheese. This month I've had two fantastic grilled cheeses, one at the Westside Local and one at Beer Kitchen. While they both have their high points, I have to give the grilled cheese crown to Beer Kitchen. And for burgers, they are all so good it's impossible for me to choose, I have to slowly try them all. And when you're talking burgers, it's only natural for your thoughts to run to fries. I love the sweet potato fries at BRGR and the Truffle-Parmesan fries at Beer Kitchen. In a perfect world these two would be located right next to each other rather than across town so I can have both!

Friday night the Hussies were on the town again and this time the spot was Beer Kitchen. Typical of a 7 pm Westport bar scene, there was an hour wait. Us girls wandered down to World Market to kill some time and left the guys busy holding down bar stools and entertaining themselves with a parade of beers from Beer Kitchen's extensive list of brews. And be forewarned, many on that extensive list are also expensive. A few upwards of $40. The sangria, on the other hand, is quite tasty and priced at a very reasonable $6.

The restaurant is packed with cozy booths with two long, community tables down the middle of the main bar area. They aren't really set up for a party of 8 and we ended up at the first of these long tables. Which wouldn't have been so bad except one side backed up to the bustling bar and the other the constantly opening door, it was a bit chilly. As we finished placing our orders the second community table (further into the room, away from the door and not opposite the bar) became available. The waiter would not move us, "that's not my section."

For a restaurant as busy as this one they turned our order very quickly, the food was out in no time at all. Burgers and sandwiches are served without sides. A small fry is enough for two people to share, large fry easily feeds 3. Try the Truffle-Parmesan, you won't be disappointed. The burgers came out stacked 8 inches high on a skewer. With a little gentle smooshing they were slightly more mouth-height, but still very big. The Kid had the piggy fries, fries topped with cheese and burnt ends. I assume they were quite tasty, he was unwilling to share and stopped just short of actually licking the plate! Trophy Husband ordered the Hogtied (very good!) and I had the Triple Cheese grilled cheese. I really liked the oven dried tomato and avocado on this, those little details just edge Beer Kitchen to the top of the Grilled Cheese Heap. And the house-made pickles that garnish each plate were wonderful.

TH and I split a veggie sampler side, we had the roasted garlic sauteed spinach, beets with walnuts and goat cheese and the honey bacon glazed Brussels sprouts. Of the three, the spinach was the clear winner, the beets a close second. (My 8 year old self is super pissed that I just wrote that.) Now I really enjoy some Brussels sprouts. We drizzle them with olive oil and roast the hell out of them, that's a very common veggie at our house. I had high hopes for these and I was disappointed. I feel that the sprouts themselves could have been roasted a little longer and, while it was a nice touch, they were just drowning in the glaze. Back off on the glaze and get a little more color on those babies and next time they'll be perfect!

MadDog is still on her diet. I have to giver her props for sticking to it when we drag her out to places like this one where temptation lies in every corner of the menu. She had an omelet and side salad. Both generous servings, the salad was loaded with chunks of egg, bacon and avocado. And the basil ranch? OMG. I could eat that with a spoon!

There was no dessert Friday night, we were all too stuffed. And, in case you haven't figured it out by now, we're old and bed time was approaching. We wrapped it up, the waiter was nice enough to split our check for us, and we were out of there. I'm looking forward to a return visit, there are many more items on that menu that I need to try.
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  1. Itching to try the grilled cheese. Looked soooo good. =) But I was very satisfied with the salad and omelet. Omelets- you pick design it yourself and they are available all day. Gonna go back soon!