Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Of Course This Happened

Something like this was bound to happen to one of us today...

I was at the convenience store during lunch today getting gas. I went in and paid and when I got back to my car this woman started walking up to me. She was dressed nicely in a suit with scarf, heels, etc. With her she had several books and three tennis balls. She asked me if I would give her $2 for all of her stuff. I just kind of laughed and reached into my pocket. I said here's four dollars and you can keep your things. But she insisted that I take the stuff for the money I had given her. She told me that my dog would like the tennis balls. I'm not sure how she knew I had a dog, but whatever. Anyway, I opened the back door to my car and she set about six books and the three tennis balls on the floorboard. She said "blessings" and walked on into the store. 

I'm assuming she must have just put $2 more than she had in her gas tank. But, of course, before I came to this conclusion, I went through every other thought imaginable. Is this woman a serial killer? Why tennis balls? Holy shit, I need to wash my car. How does she know I have a dog? Is this a joke? Is anyone else seeing this? I might need a witness. I hope she doesn't try and take the roller skates out of the back of the car. What the hell is up with the tennis balls? I wonder where she bought her shoes?

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